Ebara 3M Range

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The Ebara 3M Range consists of the following model numbers.

Ebara 3M32-125/1.10
Ebara 3M32-160/1.50
Ebara 3M32-160/2.20
Ebara 3M32-200/3.00
Ebara 3M32-200/4.00
Ebara 3M32-200/5.50
Ebara 3M40-125/1.50
Ebara 3M40-125/2.20
Ebara 3M40-160/3.00
Ebara 3M40-160/4.00
Ebara 3M40-200/5.50
Ebara 3M40-200/7.50
Ebara 3M40-200/11.00
Ebara 3M50-125/3.00
Ebara 3M50-125/4.00
Ebara 3M50-160/5.50
Ebara 3M50-160/7.50
Ebara 3M50-200/9.20
Ebara 3M50-200/11.00
Ebara 3M50-200/15.00
Ebara 3M65-125/4.00
Ebara 3M65-125/5.50
Ebara 3M65-125/7.50
Ebara 3M65-160/7.50
Ebara 3M65-160/9.20
Ebara 3M65-160/11.00
Ebara 3M65-160/15.00
Ebara 3M65-200/15.00
Ebara 3M65-200/18.50
Ebara 3M65-200/22.00

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Product Specifications (PDF files)

3M Product Range PDF document