Ebara EVM Range

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    Ebara EVM Range

The Ebara Ebara EVM Range range consists of the following models:

EVMW3 2N5/0.37
EVMW3 3N5/0.37
EVMW3 4N5/0.55
EVMW3 5N5/0.55
EVMW3 6N5/0.75
EVMW3 7N5/0.75
EVMW3 9N5/1.1
EVMW3 11N5/1.1
EVMW3 13N5/1.5
EVMW3 15N5/1.5
EVMW3 18F5/2.2
EVMW3 22F5/2.2
EVMW3 26F5/3.0
EVMW5 2N5/0.37
EVMW5 3N5/0.55
EVMW5 4N5/0.75
EVMW5 5N5/1.1
EVMW5 6N5/1.1
EVMW5 7N5/1.5
EVMW5 8N5/1.5
EVMW5 10N5/2.2
EVMW5 11N5/2.2
EVMW5 12N5/2.2
EVMW5 14N5/3.0
EVMW5 16N5/3.0
EVMW5 18F5/4.0
EVMW5 19F5/4.0
EVMW5 22F5/4.0
EVMW5 24F5/5.5
EVMW10 2N5/0.75
EVMW10 3N5/1.1
EVMW10 4N5/1.5
EVMW10 5N5/2.2
EVMW10 6N5/2.2
EVMW10 8N5/3.0
EVMW10 10N5/4.0
EVMW10 11N5/4.0
EVMW10 12N5/5.5
EVMW10 14N5/5.5
EVMW10 15F5/5.5
EVMW10 16F5/7.5
EVMW10 18F5/7.5
EVMW10 20F5/7.5
EVMW10 22F5/11
EVMW18 2F5/2.2
EVMW18 3F5/3.0
EVMW18 4F5/4.0
EVMW18 5F5/5.5
EVMW18 6F5/5.5
EVMW18 7F5/7.5
EVMW18 8F5/7.5
EVMW18 10F5/11
EVMW18 12F5/11
EVMW18 14F5/15
EVMW18 15F5/15
EVMW18 16F5/15
EVM32 1-0F5/2.2
EVM32 2-2F5/3.0
EVM32 2-0F5/4.0
EVM32 3-0F5/5.5
EVM32 3-3F5/5.5
EVM32 4-0F5/7.5
EVM32 4-3F5/7.5
EVM32 5-0F5/11
EVM32 5-3F5/11
EVM32 6-0F5/11
EVM32 6-3F5/11
EVM32 7-0F5/15
EVM32 7-3F5/15
EVM32 8-0F5/15
EVM32 8-3F5/15
EVM32 9-0F5/18.5
EVM32 9-3F5/18.5
EVM32 10-0F5/18.5
EVM32 10-1F5/18.5
EVM32 10-3F5/18.5
EVM32 11-0F5/22
EVM32 11-3F5/22
EVM32 12-0F5/22
EVM32 12-1F5/22
EVM32 12-3F5/22
EVM32 13-0F5/30
EVM32 13-3F5/30
EVM32 14-0F5/30
EVM32 14-3F5/30
EVM45 1-1F5/3.0
EVM45 1-0F5/4.0
EVM45 2-2F5/5.5
EVM45 2-0F5/7.5
EVM45 3-0F5/11
EVM45 3-2F5/11
EVM45 4-0F5/15
EVM45 4-2F5/15
EVM45 5-0F5/18.5
EVM45 5-2F5/18.5
EVM45 6-0F5/22
EVM45 6-2F5/22
EVM45 7-0F5/30
EVM45 7-2F5/30
EVM45 8-0F5/30
EVM45 8-2F5/30
EVM45 9-2F5/30
EVM45 9-0F5/37
EVM45 10-2F5/37
EVM45 10-0F5/37
EVM64 1-1F5/4.0
EVM64 1-0F5/5.5
EVM64 2-2F5/7.5
EVM64 2-0F5/11
EVM64 2-1F5/11
EVM64 3-1F5/15
EVM64 3-2F5/15
EVM64 3-3F5/15
EVM64 3-0F5/18.5
EVM64 4-2F5/18.5
EVM64 4-3F5/18.5
EVM64 4-0F5/22
EVM64 4-1F5/22
EVM64 5-1F5/30
EVM64 5-2F5/30
EVM64 5-3F5/30
EVM64 5-0F5/30
EVM64 6-2F5/30
EVM64 6-3F5/30
EVM64 6-0F5/37
EVM64 6-1F5/37
EVM64 7-1F5/37
EVM64 7-2F5/37
EVM64 7-3F5/37

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Product Specifications (PDF files)

Ebara EVM Range PDF document  


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