Jung Pumpen compli 1215/4 BW

Jung Pumpen (Compli 1200)

compli 1215/4 BW

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With their performance graduations, the compli 1200 lifting stations has been designed for larger storage capacities, if wastewater of several residential units or wastewater from commercial enterprises, for example, have to be disposed of. During the design work, special attention was given to easy handling, space-saving erection and uncomplicated installation.

A fitting (to be provided by the customer) can be used at the rear inlet port of the stage housing to mount the unit variably in height (560 to 700 mm) as well as capable of rotating (180° ).

ManufacturerJung Pumpen
RangeCompli 1200
Modelcompli 1215/4 BW
Stock CodeJP09169
WarrantyAs per manufacturers standard warranty
Weight145.00 kg
Max Flow69.00 l/m
Max Head8.00 m/h

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