Lutz-Jesco LB 4 diaphragm dosing pump - 4 l/h - Stainless steel

Lutz-Jesco (MEMDOS LB)

LB 4 diaphragm dosing pump - 4 l/h - Stainless steel

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The MEMDOS LB is used when the integration of the pump into controls or control circuits is required. Thanks to the sturdy tappet drive with manual or automatic capacity adjustment, the conveyed media such as acids, lyes, coagulants and flocculants are dosed reliably and precisely. To adapt the dosing capacity, either the stroke length can be adjusted mechanically or the speed of the three-phase motor can be regulated by means of a separate frequency converter. On request, the MEMDOS LB pumps can also be supplied with a double-diaphragm system.

  • Capacity range 4 – 1020 l/h, up to 16 bar
  • Power supply 115 V, 230 V or 400 V
  • Material finishes PVC, PP, PVDF and stainless steel
  • Infinitely variable stroke length from 0 – 100 %
  • A variety of three-phase and alternating current motors
  • ATEX versions are available for Zones 1 and 2
  • Also suitable for frequency converter operation
  • Double-diaphragm system (optional)
  • Automatic stroke length adjustment (optional)
ModelLB 4 diaphragm dosing pump - 4 l/h - Stainless steel
Stock Code10407049
WarrantyAs per manufacturers standard warranty
ConstructionStainless Steel

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