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Compact submersible pump for the removal of domestic and commercial high temperature wastewater that can contain solids up to 20 mm.


The MF 154HW submersible pump has been designed to cover a wide range of internal and external dewatering applications, but primarily where the temperature of the medium exceeds the standard upper limit (40 °C) to a maximum allowable temperature of 80 °C.

  • Pumping of high temperature discharge water from laundries, commercial dishwashers and washing machines
  • Filling and emptying of containers to the drainage of flooded cellars and removal of rainwater. • Suitable for use in septic tanks and pumping effluent from locations below the backwash level in accordance with EN 12056
  • The vortex hydraulics are particularly suitable for the pumping of fluids containing gaseous or abrasive particles
  • The compact shape of the MF, fittings for easy mounting, and small sump requirements ensure a quick and cost-effective installation of the pump.
  • The MF 154HW pump is designed for short term (S2) and intermittent (S3) operation only, operating in 8-minute / 10% cycles i.e. 0.8 minutes ON / 7.2 minutes OFF
  • Maximum allowable temperature of the pumped medium is 80 °C (intermittent only).
Stock Code1399215
WarrantyAs per manufacturers standard warranty
Motor Size2.56 kW
Weight24.00 kg

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