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What Sectors are PolyPump involved in?

Construction / Manufacturing

Wood Processing / Treatment, Stone / Earth, Mining/ Dredging & Quarrying, Building, Automotive & Machining

Facilities management / HVAC

Education, Prisons, Hospitals, Hotels, Office, Retail / Commercial & Residential.

Food & Beverage

Food Processing, Growing / Irrigation, Brewing / Distilling, Sugar & Packing.


Swimming Pools / Spas, Theme / Water Parks, Caravan Parks, Theatres & Museums.


Railway, Airports & Carparks.

Fire & Environmental

Slurry, Flood Defence / World Disasters, River & Stream Diversions, Landfill / Recycling, Waste Management, Irrigation, Zoological & Aquariums.

Process Chemical Engineering

Metal finishers, Foundries, Pulp / Paper, Paints, Varnishes, Inks, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic.

Clean Water / Waste Water

Sewage treatment, Potable / Drinking water treatment, Water Transportation, Washing & Cleaning & Irrigation.

Power / Energy / Oil & Gas

Power stations (Coal, Gas),  Nuclear Power Plants, Offshore, Wind Farms, Biogas / AD (Anaerobic digestion) Plants, Drilling & Oil Exploration.


Dockyards & Shipbuilding.

What Brands can PolyPump source?

A) ABS, Adams, Albany, Alcan, Alfa Laval, Alldos, Allweiler, Andrew Sykes, Apex, APV, Armstrong Holden , ARO, ASV Stuebbe

B) Brooke Pullen, , Barclay Kellet, Baric, Becker, Bellin, Beresford, Biral, Biwater, Blagdon, BOSS, Bran & Luebbe, Braude, Bredel, Brinkman, British Pleuger, Busch

C) Calpeda, Caprari, Caster, CAT, ChemVac, Clark, Cleghorn Waring, Cornell, Crane, Crest, Crown

D) Dab, Depa, Desmi-Rotan, Dual, Durco, Dreno

E) Elro, Edur, Edwards, Egger Turo, Ebara, E-Tech - Franklin

F) Flotronic, Flux, Flygt, Fristram, WJ Furse

G) Gasco, George Fischer, Gilkes, Girdlestone, J. Godwin, Gorman Rupp, Graco, Graham Vacuum, Grindex, Grosvenor, Grundfos, Gusher

H) Haskel, Hayward Tyler, Helivac, Hick Hargreaves, Hidrostal, Hilge, HMD

I) Ibex, Ingersoll Dresser, Inoxpa, ITT Flygt, ITT Jabsco, Iwaki

J) Jesco, Johnson, JP Pumps Stork, Jung Pumpen

K) Kecol, Klaus Union, KSB

L) Labour, Lewa, Liquivac, Lotus, Lowara, Lutz

M) Maag, Madan, March Way, Maso, Megator,  Milton Roy, NOV Mono, Morgan, Moyno, MPL, Myson

N) Nash, Nemo/Netzch, New Haden, Norcal

O) Orbit

P) Patay, PCM, Pedrollo, Pegson, Pillinger, Plenty Mirlees, Prominent, Pullen, Pulsatron, Rayners

R) Reischle, Richter Pumps, Roach, Roban, Robbins & Myers, Roper, ROTO, Rotomec, Rotan

S) Sacemi, Sandpiper, Sarlin, Serfilco, Sigma, Sihi Ryland, Sine, SLD, SMC, Smedegaard, Speck, SPP, SSP, Stanhope, Sta-rite, Stork, Stranco, Stuart Turner, Sulzer, Surecast, Svedala

T) Totten, Tsurumi, T.T., Turney Turbines, Tuthill

V) Vanton, Varisco, Varley, Varsamatic, Verder, Vican, Vickers, Vikin

W) Wade, Wallace & Tiernan, Walwyn, Waste-tec, Waukesha, W.E.F.T., Weir, WEDECO, Wemco, Wilden, Wilo, Worthington Simpson

X) Xylem

Y) Yamada

Z) Zoeller

If there are still many manufactures and products from us that are not shown on our website this is because they require a level of consultation from one of our experienced engineers, who are dedicated to bring you the most cost effective solution to your site.

Pump Servicing & Repairs?

Depending upon location we may be able to send an engineer to site, however its always best to see if we can rectify – diagnose the issue before committing to spend money… so please call to discuss the issue so we may agree the most suitable course of action.

We also inspect pumps at our works – before sending anything to us let's have a chat first, so we know what’s coming back to us.

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Site Visits and Surveys?

If you wish for one of our experienced technical engineers to attend site to review your pump practises and see how we could save you money please get in touch with us today!

On much larger projects /sites and where a second pair of hands, eyes and more importantly knowledge is required we can bring in manufacture personnel to give you the customer that extra confidence that the most efficient and cost effective solution has been selected for you.

Also we can often solve long lasting pump problems you may have had on site which perhaps other pump engineers may have missed or unable to assist on.

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Registered users can also send us a photo of your current pump by clicking here and there's a search function at the top of this page - click the magnifying-glass icon

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