Lowara e-NSCC 300

Lowara e-NSCC 300

Combining high efficiency with high flexibility regarding installation, material options and temperature. The e-NSC is the natural choice for water transport, hydronic heating and chiller systems, fire protection systems and a vast number of industrial applications. The e-NSC is the right solution for 1000’s of liquids. Materials options spans from cast iron to duplex stainless steel and different mechanical face seal options.

The e-NSC end suction pumps also come in three different configurations:

  • Frame mounted (bare shaft or complete with coupling and motor)
  • Stub shaft
  • Close coupled for compact footprint

PolyPump Ltd supplies the complete range from Lowara, we also have extensive knowledge in house so you can can be sure you're getting the right product for your next installation.

NSCC 300-350/1100/W45VDB4703757310
NSCC 300-400/2000/W45VDB4703757370
NSCC 300-400/2000/W45VDC4703767370
NSCC 300-400/2000/W45VDN4703777370
NSCC 300-400/2500/W45VDB4703757380
NSCC 300-400/2500/W45VDC4703767380
NSCC 300-400/2500/W45VDN4703777380
NSCC 300-450/1600/W45VDB4703757400
NSCC 300-450/1600/W45VDC4 703767400
NSCC 300-450/1600/W45VDN4703777400
NSCC 300-450/2000/W45VDB4703757410
NSCC 300-450/2000/W45VDC4703767410
NSCC 300-450/2000/W45VDN4703777410
NSCC 300-450/2500/W45VDB4703757420
NSCC 300-450/2500/W45VDC4703767420
NSCC 300-450/2500/W45VDN4703777420
NSCC 300-450/3150/W45VDB4703757430
NSCC 300-450/3150/W45VDC4703767430
NSCC 300-400/1600/W45VDN4703777360
NSCC 300-400/1600/W45VDC4703767360
NSCC 300-400/1600/W45VDB4703757360
NSCC 300-350/1100/W45VDC4703767310
NSCC 300-350/1100/W45VDN4703777310
NSCC 300-350/750/W45VDB4703757290
NSCC 300-350/750/W45VDC4703767290
NSCC 300-350/750/W45VDN4703777290
NSCC 300-350/750A/W45VDB4703757280
NSCC 300-350/750A/W45VDC4 703767280
NSCC 300-350/750A/W45VDN4703777280
NSCC 300-350/900/W45VDB4703757300
NSCC 300-350/900/W45VDC4703767300
NSCC 300-350/900/W45VDN4703777300
NSCC 300-400/1100/W45VDB4703757340
NSCC 300-400/1100/W45VDC4703767340
NSCC 300-400/1100/W45VDN4703777340
NSCC 300-400/1320/W45VDB4703757350
NSCC 300-400/1320/W45VDC4703767350
NSCC 300-400/1320/W45VDN4703777350
NSCC 300-450/3150/W45VDN4703777430

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