Wilo Wilo-ISAR MODH1 - T260

Wilo Wilo-ISAR MODH1 - T260


Pressure-boosting system with one non-self-priming stainless steel high-pressure multistage centrifugal pump


  • Fully automatic water supply and pressure boosting in inlet mode, either from the public water supply network or from a tank, for domestic, commercial, industrial and municipal applications (e.g. residential, office, administration buildings, hotels, hospitals, trades, industry, water supply companies).
  • Pumping drinking water, process water, cooling water or other industrial water, which does not affect the materials used, neither chemically nor mechanically, and does not have any abrasive or long-fibre constituents
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-202/SCe-T26029993820
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-407/SCe-T26029993831
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-602/SCe-T26029993832
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-603/SCe-T26029993833
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-604/SCe-T26029993834
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-605/SCe-T26029993835
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-1002/SCe-T26029993836
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-1003/SCe-T26029993837
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-1004/SCe-T26029993838
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-406/SCe-T26029993830
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-405/SCe-T26029993829
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-203/SCe-T26029993821
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-204/SCe-T26029993822
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-205/SCe-T26029993823
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-206/SCe-T26029993824
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-207/SCe-T26029993825
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-402/SCe-T26029993826
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-403/SCe-T26029993827
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-404/SCe-T26029993828
ISAR MODH1-2CH1-L-1005/SCe-T26029993839

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