Lowara Z8125

Lowara Z8125

The Z8-ZR8 series is designed for use in 8” wells. The pump is built in stainless steel and resists corrosion even in more aggressive environments thanks to the ZR8 version in Duplex.

This design feature boasts a “dynamic” wear ring which reduces hydraulic losses to a minimum and prevents the pump from blocking during stand-by periods. Meaning the pump is ideal for use in mining, water supply from deep wells and pressure boosting and water distribution applications in municipal and industrial systems.

Z8: AISI 304


All Z8, ZR8 pumps can be coupled to NEMA standard motors.

PolyPump Ltd supplies the complete range of Z8 8" Boreholes from Lowara, we also have extensive knowledge in house so you can can be sure you're getting the right product for your next installation.

Z8125 01-L6W 702324520
Z8125 08-L8W 702321510
Z8125 09/3A-L8W702321520
Z8125 09-L8W 702321530
Z8125 10/3A-L8W702321540
Z8125 10-L8W 702321550
Z8125 11-L8W 702321560
Z8125 12-L8W 702321570
Z8125 13-L8W 702321580
Z8125 14-L10W 702321590
Z8125 15-L10W 702321600
Z8125 16-L10W 702321610
Z8125 17-L10W 702321620
Z8125 08/3A-L8W702321500
Z8125 07-L8W 702321490
Z8125 07/3A-L8W702321480
Z8125 02/2A-L6W702324540
Z8125 02/2B-L6W702324530
Z8125 02-L6W 702324550
Z8125 03/3A-L6W702324560
Z8125 03-L6W 702324570
Z8125 04/2A-L6W702324590
Z8125 04/2B-L6W702324580
Z8125 04-L6W 702324600
Z8125 05/3A-L6W702324610
Z8125 05-L6W 702324620
Z8125 06/3A-L8W702321460
Z8125 06-L8W 702321470
Z8125 18-L10W 702321630

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