Pedrollo BC 35

Pedrollo BC 35

Made from stainless steel and exceptional- ly sturdy, abrasion-resistant, long-lasting, heavy-gauge cast iron, BC series pumps feature high-efficiency DOUBLE CHANNEL type impel- lers for high flow rates. They are therefore suit- able for draining foul and waste water, sewage, water mixed with solids, activated and putrid sludge with solids in suspension up to 50 mm in diameter.

Made from stainless steel and exceptionally sturdy, abrasion-resis- tant, long-lasting, heavy-gauge cast iron, the BC pump series features a DOUBLE-CHANNEL impeller and is therefore suitable for draining dirty, sewage and waste water, and water mixed with putrid sludge.

The pumps are suitable for installation in sewers, tunnels, excavations, canals, underground car parks, etc.

BC 40/352302570
BC 55/352302580
BC 75/352302590
BC 40/502302600
BC 55/502302610
BC 75/502302620

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