Caprari CVX 101

Caprari CVX 101

The Caprari range of CVX series vertical multistage pumps in stainless steel features suction and delivery in line and highly energy efficient motors. The wide range combined with the high quality and reliability are the most evident of the CVX values. Ideal for industry, irrigation, residential, commercial and civil buildings, boosting systems.

CVX101/2+E0075T211-V 230/400V50HZ MULT.VERT.ELECTRIC PUMP811256
CVX101/4+E0150M211-V 230V50HZ MULT.VERT.ELECTRIC PUMP811306
CVX101/3+E0110M211-V 230V50HZ MULT.VERT.ELECTRIC PUMP811305
CVX101/22+F0750T221-V 400/700V50HZ MULT.VERT.ELECTRIC PUMP811263
CVX101/16+F0550T221-V 400/700V50HZ MULT.VERT.ELECTRIC PUMP811262
CVX101/12+F0400T211-V 230/400V50HZ MULT.VERT.ELECTRIC PUMP811261
CVX101/9+F0300T211-V 230/400V50HZ MULT.VERT.ELECTRIC PUMP811260
CVX101/6+E0220T211-V 230/400V50HZ MULT.VERT.ELECTRIC PUMP811259
CVX101/4+E0150T211-V 230/400V50HZ MULT.VERT.ELECTRIC PUMP811258
CVX101/3+E0110T211-V 230/400V50HZ MULT.VERT.ELECTRIC PUMP811257
CVX101/6+E0220M211-V 230V50HZ MULT.VERT.ELECTRIC PUMP811307

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