Flygt  DP 8050 LT

Flygt DP 8050 LT

Stainless steel pumps for submersible installation with Vortex impeller, suitable for handling of corrosive wastewater containing solids or long-fibred material.

Constructed entirely of stainless steel, these pumps are made for the handling of corrosive liquids and sludges. A non-clog vortex design.

Flygt H 8000 series With the vortex design, the Flygt H 8000 pumps are ideal for transportation of highly abrasive solids. Hard, wear-resistant materials increase durability and eliminate the need to run the pumps at low speeds to lengthen service lifetime. For both horizontal and vertical installation.

DP 8050.280 LT 422 2.2kW
DP 8050.280 LT 424 2.2kW
DP 8050.280 LT 426 2.2kW
DP 8050.280 LT 428 2.2kW
DP 8050.280 LT 430 2.2kW
DP 8050.280 LT 426 1.5kW
DP 8050.280 LT 428 1.5kW
DP 8050.280 LT 430 1.5kW

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