Calpeda NCE H

Calpeda NCE H

Construction Energy saving variable speed circulating pump driven by a permanent magnet synchronous motor (pm) controlled by on board inverter.


  • Heating and conditioning systems.
NCE H 25-40/180NCE H 25-40/180
NCE H 32-40/180 V.230/50-60 SINGLE-PHASE70P81010000
NCE H 25-60/180 V.230/50-60 SINGLE-PHASE70P81020000
NCE H 32-60/180 V.230/50-60 SINGLE-PHASE70P81030000
NCE H 25-80/180 V.230/50-60 SINGLE-PHASE70P81040000
NCE H 32-80/180 V.230/50-60 SINGLE-PHASE70P81050000
NCE H 25-100/180 V.230/50-60 SINGLE-PHASE70P81060000
NCE H 32-100/180 V.230/50-60 SINGLE-PHASE70P81070000
NCE H 25-120/180 V.230/50-60 SINGLE-PHASE70P81080000
NCE H 25-40/180 V.230/50-60 SINGLE-PHASE70P81000000
NCE H 32-120/180NCE H 32-120/180
NCE H 32-40/180NCE H 32-40/180
NCE H 25-60/180NCE H 25-60/180
NCE H 32-60/180NCE H 32-60/180
NCE H 25-80/180NCE H 25-80/180
NCE H 32-80/180NCE H 32-80/180
NCE H 25-100/180NCE H 25-100/180
NCE H 32-100/180NCE H 32-100/180
NCE H 25-120/180NCE H 25-120/180
NCE H 32-120/180 V.230/50-60 SINGLE-PHASE70P81090000

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