Jung Pumpen US 62-251

The centrifugal submersible drainage pumps US 62-251 can be used wherever sewage water with solids up to 10 mm particle size occurs, e.g. in collecting sumps for ground water, or in permanent draining systems for clean water, or handling solids in suspension. They are also ideal for pumping the sewage water from collecting sumps into which dishwashers or washing machines are discharging. For high temperature hot water in the industrial and commercial field we recommend the use of our US 73 and US 103 HE/HES.

This range of pumps is suitable for stationary and portable use. For easy removal of the pumps from deep sumps we recommend the use of our guide rail systems which provide ease of maintenance and inspection.

For automatic monitoring of the oil chamber a seal leak control can be connected.

Maximum cable length of the pumps is 10 m. 3-phase pumps with level control (US 151 DS, US 152 DS and US 251 DS) have a CEE-Plug with phase inverter.

The sewage pumps are tested by the German Institute for Construction Engineering and correspond to the valid construction and test principles.

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