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Single-impeller centrifugal pump entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel and the 2-pole self-ventilated asynchronous motor with internal ventilation. Thanks to the material's peculiarity, it is suitable for damp and saline environments, domestic pressurisation, small-scale garden irrigations, washing, water treatment, cooling towers and clean water handling in general.

The Ebara CD electric pump's components are obtained through the proven hydroforming process, which guarantees sturdiness, hydraulic efficiency and reliability. The hydroforming process uses a high-pressure fluid (up to 1200 bar) to form the metal. The hydraulic fluid, in our case water, with increasing pressure pushes the stainless steel to copy the shapes of the template until it comes into contact with the internal walls of the matrix that forms the mould. Hydroforming, which combines the power of a press with the force of water, has significant advantages over traditional processes, namely:

• Perfectly smooth shape

• Highly smooth running

• No welding points

These features ensure high corrosion resistance, high efficiency with performance of over 80% and low leakage. Thanks to their small size, they can also be positioned in narrow or difficult to reach spaces.

For further technical information see the Databook

• Damp and saline environments

• Domestic pressurisation

• Small-scale garden irrigation

• Washing

• Water treatment

• Cooling towers

• Handling of clean water in general

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Ebara CD
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