Packo SFP2 & SFP3

Typical characteristics

Based on the EHEDG certified Packo pump series FP2 with open impeller and FP3 with closed impeller , 1 unit for both mixing and pumping of the final liquid ,Specially designed stator  with ANSYS CFD package (patented) ,Efficiency improvement between 70 and 100% compared to the currently available technologies ,Very energy efficient thanks to its high efficiency ,Quiet operation ,Electropolished, very good cleanability and high corrosion resistance. Modular concept built up with standard components. Easy installation and maintenance.


  Max. flow     Max. head    Motor power up to   Max. product viscosity Shear up to     
SFP2/32-160 35 m³/h 2.5 bar max. 11 kW max. 750 cP 30.000 s-1
SFP2/40-160 50 m³/h 2.5 bar max. 11 kW max. 750 cP 30.000 s-1
SFP2/50-160 75 m³/h 2.5 bar max. 11 kW max. 750 cP 30.000 s-1
SFP2/40-250 50 m³/h 4 bar max. 22 kW max. 750 cP 100.000 s-1
SFP3/80-160 130 m³/h 2.0 bar max. 22 kW max. 1000 cP 30.000 s-1
SFP3/100-200 200 m³/h 5.0 bar max. 45 kW max. 1000 cP 40.000 s-1

Typical applications

Mixing of 2 liquids

• with a large different specific gravity (f.i. honey in water)

• having a large different viscosity (f.i. oil in butter)

• that are difficult to mix (f.i. oil in water)

Dispersing of solids in liquids (f.i. toothpaste in water)

Dispersion of gas in liquids (foamed desserts)


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