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The CMO pumps with worm feed screw belong to the rotating positive-displacement pump category. With simple construction, the pumps are intended above all for pumping dense and/or viscous fluids.

Construction and technical characteristics

The capacity varies depending on the rotor step. The PS series covers a capacity range from 50 to 4000 l/min. The pressure varies with the length of the stator from 0 to 30 bar. The parts in contact with the liquid are constructed in various materials, depending on the fluid to be pumped. The rotating parts are normally in casehardening or chromium-plated steel or in stainless steel 304 or 316. The stators are constructed in natural or synthetic rubber in different mixes (Viton, Silicon, Perbunan, etc.). Specific materials can be used on request.

Field of use

The applications for this type of pump are virtually infinite, due its special construction, the materials used, the technical measures adopted and the singular working mechanism guarantee maximum performance whether pumping brackish water, stall waste, unicellular cement, marble sludge, lime putty, synthetic resins, foundry sludge, etc. When pumping fluids with density and/or abrasion characteristics different to those of water, it is recommended never to reach the pressure limit and capacity values expressed in the table. For correct function of the pump, it is recommended to check that air is not being suctioned and that the supply of fluid to be pumped is constant to avoid the pump turning dry. The values featured in the table refer to tests performed with fluids with characteristics similar to those of water.

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