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  • Construction and technical characteristics

The heart of the machine is made up of two lobe rotors mounted on parallel axes. They rotate in a synchronised manner inversely to each other, inside a proofed chamber. The rotors have three or four lobes, according to the pump size. The combination of the rotor movements creates suction and delivery, and the special helicoidal shape of the lobes guarantees greater fluid movement without any vibrations. The two rotors can have different coatings, according to the type of material to be pumped. The proofed chamber of the pump is of grey cast iron, and can be thick chromium plated internally if being used with particularly abrasive or aggressive fluids. The mechanical seals are made of tungsten carbide/tungsten carbide. The important characteristics of this type of pump are:

  • Compact size, just a little bigger than a rotor pump
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance. The rotors can be replaced without having to dismantle the piping
  • Double rotation: the suction connection can be positioned on the right or on the left.

Field of use

The CMO lobe pump can be used in various fields:

  • Agriculture: for expurging stable effluent, diluted excrement
  • Marble saw mills: for eliminating marble sludge
  • Tanneries: for expurging water containing tanning deposits
  • Purifying plants: for treating digested primary sludge
  • Building: cement bentonite, polystyrene, lime putty
  • Drainage: for effluent or regenerating exhausted oils
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C.M.O Pompe LB
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