Efaflu AQUA Booster Sets

Efaflu AQUA Q-Drive Booster Sets are equipped with Q-Drive controller (IP56) with integrated frequency inverter.The panels are equipped with an integrated PLC where it is possible to control the system: pressures, Automatic / Manual pumps, pump rotation, etc.

Efaflu AQUA Premium Booster Sets offer Premium control panel with Premium Controller. This controller, developped specially for hydraulic applications, allows to monitor, visualize and access to work graphics and lists, offering on this way, a rigorous and efficient management of the system.  

Efaflu  AQUA Master Booster Sets are constituded by Master control panel with all automation and protection required for its effective and autonomous functioning. All timing cycles can be programmed. Pumps work at constant speed, with alternation, controlled by pressure switches, in order to explore its optimization. These Booster sets meet the EN 60439-1 electrical standard requirements.

Efaflu AQUA ProDRIVE Booster Sets are equipped with Aqua ProDrive cabinets (IP56). These are equipped with power presence sinalization and a power switch.

Efaflu AQUA Profissional Booster Sets are equipped with Aqua Booster cabinets. These include control panel, with electric motor protection, which offer all operation possibilities for electromechanical control.

Efaflu  AQUA DomusDRIVE booster set is the possibility of adjusting the flow set-point, through frequency converter control panel, thus becoming a variable speed type. They can be configured in 3 distinct versions:

  • CFUs – only with one frequency converter and without pump alternation, in case of failure of one of the pumps the system continues functioning.
  • CFDs – with one dedicated frequency converter and without pump alternation. Pumps work independently.
  • CFD – with one dedicated frequency converter and with pump alternation. The system optimizes and balances the number of working hours per pump. Enhancing the balanced system function by using the Master-Slave philosophy for the frequency converters.
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