Jung Pumpen US 75-155

The centrifugal submersible drainage pumps US 75-155 are suitable for dealing with notably contaminated water and capable of handling solids up to 50 mm particle size. With their free passage of 50 mm, these pumps are able to pump solids and fibers quickly, reliably and above all without blockage!

For easy removal of the pumps from deep sumps we recommend the use of our guide rail systems which provide ease of maintenance and inspection. A controllable oil chamber and wear-resistant special mechanical seal ensure a long service life. The integrated winding thermostats protect the motor from overload.

For automatic monitoring of the oil chamber a seal leak control can be connected.

Maximum cable length is 10 m. The US 155 DS 3-phase pump with level control has a CEE-Plug with phase inverter.

The sewage pumps are tested by the German Institute for Construction Engineering and correspond to the valid construction and test principles.

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