Jung Pumpen Baufix

Without a great deal of construction work, the underfloor sump Baufix units can be used to remove effluent from laundries, storage or cellar areas below the backpressure level. The use as a collecting tank for faeces is not permitted.

Without formworks, the pressure-re-sistant PE sump can be placed into the concrete bed as a collecting tank for the underfloor pipework. The installation in areas with high groundwater levels is possible under the use of the ground-water seal.

The swing type-check valve prevents the return of the waste-water from the pres- sure pipe into the sump. The standard odour trap stops annoyance caused by bed smell. By subsequently adjusting the plastic cover frame, the sump cover can adapt easily variable floor and tile levels.

The pump can be selected according to the amount of wastewater and the kind of dirty water to be transported. In case of slightly dirty water (solid size max. 10 mm), the U3KS, U5KS as well the U6K ES+DS pump can be used, optional together by using the guide rail system which is available as accessory.

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