JWC Auger Monster™ is a robust solution that combines three of JWC’s finest technologies – a grinder, a fine screen and a compactor. This spiral screen removes unwanted solids so processing plants run more efficiently and meet their wastewater discharge limits. The Auger Monster screw screen is proven to result in cleaner, more compact discharge and lowered disposal costs, as less water and organic waste are sent to the landfill.

First a powerful Monster Industrial HYDRO grinder tears apart various solids found within the waste stream to facilitate processing by the screw screen. Solids are captured by a perforated fine screening trough and removed by a rotating auger. As solids are removed, dual wash water zones rinse off material from the shredded screenings.

The auger screen then conveys solids to the discharge point where the integrated compactor squeezes out water before depositing the rinsed and dried material into a dumpster or bagger.

The Auger Monster is used in numerous processing facilities that need to remove solids from their waste and minimize transportation and landfill costs.

  • Battery recycling plant – used to screen plastics from washdown
  • Pet food – used to screen washdown from processing and sanitary lines
  • Abattoir (slaughterhouse) – used to screen washdown water
  • Pulp and paper– used to separate solids within pulper waste line for water reclamation
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