Hidrostal HidroMix

Hidrostal HidroMix External Tank Mixing HidroMix, the original solution for Tank Mixing Systems Hidrostal's HidroMix pump mixing system is a practical alternative to conventional submersible and gas mixers. Our system uses the Hidrostal screw centrifugal pump to draw sludge from the source and return it through a nozzle sized and positioned to provide optimum mixing energy and circulation of the tank contents.

Every Hidrostal mixing installation is a bespoke design that takes into account the sludge characteristics and the geometry of the tank.

Unlike other mixing systems, the Hidrostal concept does not require any structural steelwork within the tank. With the pump inlet and outlet pipes mounted on the walls, there are no obstructions to collect rags or encourage the settlement of sand and grit on the floor.

Suction points are positioned to draw sludge from dead areas and discharge points are positioned to promote the most effective circulation. For large tanks, we can offer two-pump systems, where there is the opportunity to have the nozzles at differing heights and discharge angles. These provide a far more effective mixing system than a single submersible mixer that might simply churn a relatively small volume of sludge whilst leaving large zones of the tank undisturbed.

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