Hidrostal SuperBetsy

The best mobile pumping system on the market reliable - efficient - low maintenance.

Specially developed for the most demanding applications, the SuperBetsy mobile pump system is particularly suitable for use under difficult operating conditions.

Regardless of whether it is a construction project, industrial application, flood protection, mining or drainage operation, the clog-free screw centrifugal impeller with a free ball passage of 75 mm to 120 mm ensures trouble-free operation.

The pump is capable of handling liquids with a high proportion of solids, media containing fibers or viscous media. The special construction of the original screw centrifugal impeller ensures particularly gentle and energy-efficient pumping.

The robust construction of the SuperBetsy allows it to be operated across a wide variety of applications and environments. The excellent soundproofing ensures it is extremely quiet in operation and allows it to be used in residential areas with increased noise protection requirements.

An innovative canopy design with double doors and hinged roof panel, also guarantees complete unrestricted access for all operational and maintenance activities.

By only using the latest diesel engine technology, Hidrostal ensures all machines in the SuperBetsy range meet the global emissions regulations.

With Highly efficient, low fuel consumption engines throughout the range, coupled with large capacity, corrosion-proof fuel tanks, the SuperBetsy achieves long operating times, without refueling.

The new BetsyPrime vacuum priming system, in connection with a rotary vane vacuum pump, ensures fast, reliable priming of the pumpset, even at very high suction lifts.

Fitted with Intelligent Control, the BetsyPrime system only operates when required.

A combination of electronic and mechanical sensors within the vacuum chamber monitor the prime level in the system and only activate the vacuum pump when required. When not required, the Intelligent Control turns off the vacuum pump and seals the vacuum line, protecting the vacuum pump from contamination by carry-over of the pumped medium.

This increases the service life, reduces maintenance costs and saves energy.

The SuperBetsy is available in range of sizes with delivery rates from 100 to 1100 m³/h,

With monitoring and control and GPS location options.

SuperBetsy - Manufactured in Germany with a heart from Switzerland.

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