The DOMO GRI has been specifically engineered to handle domestic sewage, liquids containing solids or fibres, and wastewater from residential buildings to the sewer mains network.

The grinder on the suction of the pump cuts solids in sewage into smaller bits that can easily pass through the impeller and discharge pipes.  Risks of clogging or blockage are very low, and the grinder system is easily adjustable.

These pumps can be offered with Automatic Float switches.


  • Flow rates up to 6.60 m³/h
  • Head: up to 25 m
  • Power supply: both single and three-phase 50 and 60 Hz
  • Power: from 1.10 kW up to 1.10 kW
  • Temperature of pumped liquid: to 35 °C
  • Maximum immersion depth: 5 m
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